About The Project

The Main Problem

Many women in Malawi face inequality and are neglected from the formal economy and income generating activities to support themselves and their families. Additionally, many girls in Malawi are not attending school during their menses due to lack of menstrual hygiene products (i.e. sanitary napkins, tampons).

Check out this video we’ve created for a grant proposal that explains the issue at hand!

Satellite Problems

  • There are significant gender disparities in Malawi. Women oftentimes lack economic and social empowerment due to cultural norms and lack of education
  • Due to gender imbalances within families, many women receive little to no funds for their well-being, health and often resort to unsafe or unstable means of generating income for themselves and their children
  • Many women and girls in Malawi use uncomfortable (e.g. rags, tissue) or unsafe (e.g. stick wrapped in fabric) sanitary products. This is due to financial and logistical inaccessibility of comfortable, safe and sustainable menstrual products. This is especially the case for Malawi’s rural population
  • Malawian women who can afford disposable sanitary products burn them due to the unavailability of waste removal, creating a negative environmental impact
  • The long distance that girls walk to school and inadequate school facilities and resources makes it more difficult for them to attend school while menstruating